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ConFusion is completely a volunteer project, like most science fiction conventions. Every person's contribution has brought you the convention we have today.

Volunteering for the convention is fun! It's a great way to meet people, to become involved in how the convention works, or to spend time between other things you were hoping to do.

You can volunteer for any amount of time you'd like, and for a wide variety of activities. Volunteer for at least 8 hours (6 hours if you're a student), and your membership will be refunded if the convention breaks even. Volunteer for at least 12 hours, and you'll get your membership refunded at the end of the convention.

What kinds of things do volunteers do? Here are some activities:

  • Checking badges in many locations
  • Checking ID in the hospitality suite (Hospitality)
  • Helping the elevators go to the right floors (Ops)
  • Helping KidFusion with their panels (Programming)
  • Registering other members (Registration)
  • Helping keep the Hospitality rooms stocked with munchies (Hospitality)
  • Answering other members' questions (Ops)
  • Running around looking for specific convention members (Ops)
  • Loading the truck* with convention equipment before the con begins (Ops)
  • Unloading the truck* before the convention begins (Ops)
  • Loading the truck* at the end of the convention (Ops)
  • Unloading the truck* at the end of the convention (Ops)

You can volunteer any time during the convention, but we also like to sign up volunteers in advance. To volunteer before the convention, contact the head of Volunteers (at), username confusion-volunteers.

* Loading and unloading the truck obviously require that people can lift things and move things around. Please sign up for this only if you are capable of performing these types of activities. Because this is physical work for set up and tear down before and after the con proper, we count every hour worked with the truck as two.

Last updated October 30, 2005