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Masquerade Highlights

  • Non-Competitive Masquerade Stream!
  • Most Original SuperHero Award! (in honor of Fan GoH Chuck Firment and in memory of Bubble Man)
  • And the Return of Junk Pile Wars, ConFusion's DIY Instant Costume Workshop!


Our fourth formal Masquerade will be held at 8pm (with a 7pm muster for participants) on Saturday, January 21, 2006. All are invited to participate! For 2006, we decided not to go with an official theme... I want to see how creative you can get without trying to fit into a category! However, we will have a special award for the Most Original SuperHero, in memory of Bubble Man.

And for more fun, we are continuing our non-competitive stream this year. If you have a costume and would like to strut your stuff on stage but don't want to compete for whatever reason, sign up for the non-competitive stream and take a turn under the lights!

Ribbons, certificates and even prizes are in the works for those who participate and those who win.

Depending on the number of entrants, there may be divisions for different levels of experience, and a Junior competition for entrants 13 and under. There will even be a Lightning Round if enough hardy souls participate in Junk Pile Wars, ConFusion's DIY built-in-one-hour costume workshop (details below).

Costumes should be registered for the Masquerade by 3:00 PM on the Saturday of ConFusion. To help us plan the Masquerade, we encourage you to register by mail or email well in advance of the convention. For more details, check the rules and registration form.

Hall Costumes

In addition to the formal Masquerade, we will also have judges circulating on Saturday evening looking for hall costumes that deserve special recognition. All kinds of costumes are eligible for these awards.

Junk Pile Wars

Ever looked at a winning costume and thought "I could do that, with one hand tied behind my back and only one hour to make it?" Well, here's your chance to prove it!!

Once again, ConFusion will be offering DIY costumers a chance to play Junk Pile Wars. We supply basic tools, a room, and a pile of random supplies. You supply your innate creativity and craft a costume in only one hour. That's 60 minutes, in case you're counting, and we will be. Afterwards, go that one step further and compete in the special popular-vote lightning round at the Masquerade.

Junk Pile Wars is currently scheduled for 6 pm Saturday evening to lead you into the Masquerade. The workshop will be limited to 10 participants. Interested? Read the rules!

Costume Parade

To top off our evening of sartorial experimentation, all costumers are invited to join our Parade into the dance immediately preceding the presentation of the Masquerade and Hall Costume awards. More details at the con!


Contact the Masquerade Director by email (at) stilyagi. org, username confusion-masquerade.

Last updated October 30, 2005