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Bring the whole family!

Kids are welcome at ConFusion! We want you and your whole family to enjoy ConFusion.

To that end, ConFusion has a track of programming specifically for kids, called KidFusion. Kids can do this, or they can stay with their parents, or they can attend regular programming. We ask that KidFusion memberships be purchased for children 12 and younger who will be attending programming by themselves. Kids 5 and under who are with their parents at all times can attend for free.

Pizza and Pajama Parties

ConFusion also provides two special events for anyone who'd like to attend, regardless of KidFusion registration status. These events have additional fees -- see our Registration page for more information.

On Saturday evening, we have a pizza party for all who've registered for it ($5 each). After the pizza party, we have a pajama party until midnight for all kids who register for it ($10 each). Activities during the pajama party might include watching movies, face painting, crafts, and other things that kids can do in PJs. We will provide adults to oversee the Pajama Party so parents can enjoy Saturday night at the con, though volunteer help is always welcome.

Pre-registration for the special events is crucial, so please sign up for them during your registration process. Contact Ops if you need to register after the registration desk is closed, but please register at least an hour before the events.

Contact us if you have more questions about bringing your child to ConFusion.

Last updated November 17, 2005