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We will synthesize together ConFusion's usual diverse mix of programming, for adults and kids alike!

Synthetic Confusion Program Grids

    vCal file. This has appointments in a standard calendar format which can be imported in to Palm Desktop, Outlook, and probably almost any other calendar application.
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Synthetic Confusion 2006 Panelists

The list below includes the program panelists we had confirmed as of September 29th.

    Jason Prentice Ahlquist Editor-in-Chief
    William Aksel Artist/Author
    Randy Asplund Artist
    Evelyn Baker Fan
    Tara and Tom Barber Fans
    Al Bogdan Author
    Steven Brust Author
    Tobias Buckell Artist
    Gery L. Deer & Scout Whip Artistry website
    Jennifer Dye Fan
    Kurt Erichsen Artist
    Karen Everson Author
    Jim Frenkel Editor
    Michael Glicksohn Fan
    Anne Harris Author
    Fred A Levy Haskell Fan
    Bill Higgins Scientist
    Marcy Italiano Author
    Erik Kauppi Fan
    M Keaton Author
    Lawrence Kestenbaum Fan and local politician
    Kathe Koja Author (attending but not on panels; just lurking in the hallways)
    William Korsak Gamer
    Rick Lieder Artist
    Catherine Nerbonne Artist
    Steven Piziks Author also known as Steven Harper
    Sandee Rager Media Reporter
    Catherine Olanich Raymond Costumer
    Eric S. Raymond Fan and Unix Legend
    John Scalzi Author
    Karl Schroeder Author
    Tomak Artist
    Sarah Zettel Author

Last updated October 30, 2005