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We welcome your questions and suggestions regarding ConFusion - we are all here to produce the best convention we can, and we want you to be a part of it.

We have many departments. Writing directly to the person in charge of the department is the best way to get your question answered swiftly and correctly. To write to a department below, take the username out of the Username column and construct an email address that is [username] . If you really have no idea who to write to, write to us at and the conchair will redirect your email to the appropriate person when she finds the time to fish your email out of the sea of spam that goes to that account. Thanks!

Department Username
General Information confusion
Registration confusion-registration
Volunteering confusion-volunteers
Publications confusion-publications
Advertising confusion-advertising
Masquerade confusion-masquerade
Art Space confusion-artshow
Dealers' Room confusion-dealers
Programming confusion-program
KidFusion kidfusion
Filk confusion-filk
Gaming confusion-gaming
ConSuite confusion-consuite
Ops confusion-ops
Room Parties party-goddess
Publicity confusion-publicity
Website confusion-web
ConChair: Krysta confusion-conchair

Last updated October 30, 2005