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The Art Show, and More!

As the fannish art world has changed, so too has the ConFusion Art Show. In past years, ConFusion's Art Show has been a wonderful place to showcase artists outside of the mainstream. Artists who had yet to become powerfully successful came to our Art Show, and others like it, to show that good art could be found in any genre.

In the time since ConFusion began, artists have been more able to blend into the main stream, illustrating books, games, and manuscripts; creating jewelry; and providing sculpture and other art forms to a wide audience.

Now, ConFusion is taking a step in a new direction in order to return to our original goal of insuating art into the lives of many people. We're creating a new space for art, a new concept in showing art. We will be providing space this year to artists who'd like to demonstrate their art and share it with others.

The specifics:

The Art Demo Room will be composed of tables and racks (where needed) which will be staffed directly by the artists. Space in the center of the room will be set up for larger demos, and may even include non-art demos from other panelists and musicians. Artists are encouraged to create demos of their own art form: doing so will reduce the membership cost for the artist. While the main room will have volunteers ensuring that only members enter the room, no additional security will be provided; however, we encourage artists to collaborate in staffing and "art-sitting" their areas.

    This year, tables are free, 8' long, one (1) per artist.
    This year, racks cost $5/unit of three.
    This year, scheduling one demo in the program book will discount your membership to $25.

Coordination of this new-fangled idea takes a skilled and organized person. If you'd like to participate in the creation of ConFusion's Art Demo Room, including corresponding with artists, please contact ConFusion at confusion at stilyagi dot org.

We want to see you at ConFusion! Please give feedback about this idea to the email address above.

Last updated November 10, 2005