MoonBase ConFusion

ConFusion 2007 Programming

The program grid is now available online.

The MoonBase ConFusion program will include panels and discussions on many topics reflecting the interests of our Guests of Honor and other program participants.

Topics may include science fiction and fantasy reading, writing, media, gaming, costuming, art, music, society, science and technology, and, of course, Moons and Moonbases (this year's theme). We will also have a number of special events, including a fancy reception, a couple dances, a concert by Steve Macdonald, and a Masquerade.

If you have suggestions for programming for MoonBase ConFusion, please contact us at confusion-program (at)


Bill Kolasa has assembled a great line-up for our anime room. Details are still being finalized but we may be open all night! Expect a good variety of new and old selections.

Writers' Workshop

Michigan authors Jim C. Hines and Catherine H. Shaffer will be running the writing workshop again at this year's ConFusion, January 20th and 21st. Visit the Workshop news page for latest news.


Bill Korsak from Atlas Games is coordinating our 24-hour gaming room. We will have demostrations of new games along with scheduled events and open tables.


In addition to our Guest of Honor, Steve Macdonald, we will be having concerts by Tom Smith and other prominent midwestern filk favorites. The room will be open all night: You never have to stop!

Art Show

The Art Show returns in a new format, featuring Instant Sale only - no auction. We'll have mostly prints, some originals, as well as limited space for artists to demonstrate their works. Contact Dean Stahl for more information.

Dealers' Room

There are a limited number of tables still available in our Dealers Room. Each table is six feet long, and costs $40. You must be a member of the convention in order to reserve a table. Contact us for more information.


This year we will have panels, space for impromptu Hall Cosplay, a formal juried Masquerade and our own Junk Pile Wars. Our event is spear-headed by Kendra Duane with the able assistance of the Great Piñata Riders. Bring your own costumes!

Fencing Demostration

Renaissance Fencing Club will demostrate modern competitive fencing techniques.

B Movies

B Movies are the best! We will have a festival featuring the Best of the Worst SF and Fantasy movies on Friday and Saturday night. Stop in an enjoy with us!

Artwork demostration

Still in the planning stages, we will again offer. "How did they do that?" demonstrations, similar to those we had last year; Bill Aksel will offer his panel on drawing the human figure; we expect that Randy Asplund will again show us how they created Illuminated Manuscripts in the Middle Ages; and we're likely to have craft and needlework demos as well. Be sure to check out our Demonstrations area for something new!


ConFusion is all about parties! The Pirates have already signed on, as well as GT and the Dorsai. We expect that there will be room parties for fans of movies, TV shows, books, alternate religions, alternative lifestyles, and just general hanging about. If you plan to host a party, please contact our Parties Coordinator so that your room is placed on a Party Floor.

Con Suite

We will have both Smoking and Non-Smoking con suites this year. Our Con Suite is always well-stocked with snack foods and beverages for every palate. Tammy Coxen is heading it again this year, so you know it will be great!

The hotel itself has gone Smoke Free, which means that the Smoking Con Suite will be the only room in the hotel in which folks can smoke inside. As a result, we expect it will rock day and night! With Sara Shurmer in charge, we know it will be fun!


Our special programming track for the four to twelve year old fan returns! KidFusion will have panels on Friday night and on Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. At 7 pm, kids can come by for a Pizza Party, and then stay for our Pajama Party from 8 pm to 1 am. We ask that parents attend programming with their children, but the pizza and pajama parties are Kid Only! &040;There is an additional fee for the pizza and pakama parties, as we get actual babysitters for these events.&041; Children under 12 welcomed.