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How to Become a ConFusion Dealer

Contact Us!
Write to confusion-dealers at stilyagi dot org or the address below to be added to the Dealer's announcements email list.


Print out a Registration Form for each person who will be at the table, and mail them in with your check for dealer's registration.
Memberships are $30.00 per person for pre-registration. After that it will be $45.00, including at the door. One membership is included with the $70 fee for the first table. Mail forms to the address below.


Tables are 6' long. Dealers are restricted to a maximum of four tables. In the event of extra tables, book dealers will be given preference. The first table is $70.00. This price includes one membership; please remember to give us the name of the person receiving this membership. Extra tables are $40.00 more, and do not include memberships. All people working your tables will require memberships.

All tables can have electrical access, if needed; please inform us in advance if this is necessary for your table. If you have extension cords that you can bring, please do so.


Please make your check for registration and table fees payable to: AASFA/ConFusion
Mail them to:
    MooonBase ConFusion
    P.O. Box 8284
    Ann Arbor, MI 48107


There can be NO dealing out of sleeping rooms. Dealers must sell out of the Dealers' Room.

Our Dealers Room does not permit vendors that break the law. Please, sf or fantasy related items only.

If this is your first time at ConFusion, please let us know what type of merchandise you plan to sell. This allows us to lay out the room.

Email confusion-dealers at stilyagi dot org if you have any questions. Hope to see you at Moonbase ConFusion!

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