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ConFusion Wants You!

There are many ways to get involved with ConFusion, both before and at the con. If you are interested in helping out, write to us at or stop by the Volunteers table near Registration.

Volunteer Policy - Please Note Changes!
Due to the fact that ConFusion lost money last year, we have instituted some changes in our volunteer membership reimbursement policy. Please read the following carefully and plan accordingly when budgeting to attend the convention.

Volunteer Lounge - Bob and Carol Ray will be the Volunteer Lounge Coordinators this year. Any Volunteer who puts in at least 8 hours over the weekend can sleep and store their belongings in the Volunteer Lounge (you're on your honor Friday night). The volunteer lounge will consist of two bedrooms, one for the ladies and one for the gents. Please be respectful of your fellow volunteers and their desire to sleep.
There will be a pizza party for Volunteers in the Volunteer Lounge Saturday night.

Earning a Free Membership - To earn your membership back, you need to volunteer for at least 8 hours over the weekend, or 6 hours for students with ID. Loading or unloading the truck or helping with set-up is worth double time. Please note that a volunteer can only earn their own membership back (if you have been allowed to do otherwise in the past, please speak to BJ about your particular case). Membership reimbursements will be sent in the mail within six weeks after the convention, provided the convention has not lost money. Alternatively, you can roll over your free membership to next year. It will still be possible to help with load in and set up on Friday and earn your membership in advance. Anyone who can not put in all the necessary hours on Friday needs to register.

Volunteer Dollars - Volunteers earn one Volunteer Dollar per hour of volunteering. Volunteer Dollars can be spent at the food stand in the hotel gift shop, the art show, or in the dealers room.

Questions? - please contact BJ Handley at
Volunteers make a very important contribution to ConFusion. We love our volunteers, but nobody gets to enjoy ConFusion if we repeatedly lose money and have to shut it down. We hope our volunteers can plan ahead and still attend ConFusion and enjoy the benefits of volunteering this year. These policies are being instituted on a trial basis and we welcome your feedback after the convention.

Open ConCom Positions
If you would be interested in heading Publicity for ConFusion this year or next, please write to and tell us about your interest and skills/experience related to that topic.

Note on Staff and Concom memberships
Concom members who volunteer their time throughout the year are automatically pre-registered for free. In the past dedicated department Staff for at the con have also been registered for free. This year in light of the poor economy and concerns about ConFusion's losing money, we are asking staff to register for $10 (before the con or at the door), which will be reimbursed within 6 weeks after the convention, provided the convention is still in the black.
Concom and Staff do not earn gopher bucks and do not stay in the volunteer lounge. They do have access to the Green room, though they are asked not to hang around there. -- The green room is not intended to be an alternate consuite. It is there to support our program participants and staff who may not have time to leave the hotel to grab a snack.

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