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NEW! See pictures from the 2003 and 2004 Masquerades! Click here.

We had so much fun last year, we’re doing it again!

Our second-ever formal masquerade will be held in the Salons FGH on Saturday, January 24 2004 and we invite all convention members and guests to join us to appreciate and applaud the costumers and their creations as they parade for the judges. (The Judges panel will include our Artist Guest of Honor Julie Bell and her husband Boris!)

The masquerade is scheduled for 8pm on Saturday, with a 7pm muster call for participants. Ribbons, certificates and even prizes are in the works for those who dare to compete and those who are lucky enough (or should we say “skilled enough”) to win. A special award is offered for the Masquerade entry judged as the Best 1970s Influenced science fiction or fantasy costume. The awards will be announced during the dance once the judges have completed their deliberations.

As in the past, there will be various awards determined by a panel of judges. The masquerade will include a juniors competition, for those 13 and under, and optional workmanship judging. If numbers warrant, the formal masquerade will use division competition ConFusion, which groups entries by experience and provides a more level playing field for all. Costumes must be pre-registered for the masquerade. These and other details are included in the rules (yes, there are rules) attached to the registration form (yes, there is a form).

Costumes must be registered for the masquerade no later than 3pm on the Saturday of the convention, but we strongly advise registering by mail or email in advance of the convention.

Hall Costumes
In addition to the formal Masquerade, we will also have judges circulating on Saturday evening looking for hall costumes that deserve special recognition. And in keeping with the Confusion 30 theme, the will be a special award for the best “Early 1970s science fiction or fantasy” hall costume. You remember the early 1970s? Before Star Wars?

Junk Pile Wars
Ever looked at a winning costume and thought “I could do that, with one hand tied behind my back and only one hour to make it?” Well, here’s your chance to prove it!!

This year ConFusion will be offering DIY costumers a chance to play Junk Pile Wars. We supply basic tools, a room, and a pile of random supplies. You supply your innate creativity and craft a costume in only one hour. That’s 60 minutes, in case you’re counting, and we will be. Afterwards, go that one step further and compete in the special popular-vote lightning round at the Masquerade.

Junkpile Wars is currently scheduled for 6pm Saturday evening to lead you into the Masquerade. The freeforall workshop will be limited to 10 participants. Watch this space for more details!!

Rules for the Junk Pile Wars can now be found in this document.

NOTE: Junk Pile Wars needs your junk! Please see this page for details.

Participate in the 2004 ConFusion Masquerade! Confound the experts in Junk Pile Wars! Bring your Hall Costumes! Bring your Disco Balls! Show your creativity! Show your energy! Show us you know your history!

Contact the Masquerade Director by email at or send physmail to Attn: Masquerade, ConFusion, PO Box 8284, Ann Arbor, MI 48107.

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