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Dealers Room
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ConFusion hosts a diverse Dealers Room, with books, comics, posters, costumes, armor, jewelry, T-shirts, pins, sculpture, walking sticks, and stuffed animals commonly making an appearance.
Our Dealers Room will be slightly larger this year and also more centrally located (note we have a new hotel).

Dealers Room Table Rates

Tables are 8' long. Dealers are restricted to a maximum of two tables. In the event of extra tables, book dealers will be given preference. The first table is $70.00. This price includes one membership; please remember to give us the name of the person receiving this membership. Extra tables are $45.00 more, and do not include memberships. All people working your tables will require memberships.

Interested in being a ConFusion Dealer?

If you wish to be put on a mailing list for information about future events, including ConFusion, please contact:

    Tom Barber
    2737 Colony Rd.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
or email Tom at:

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Registered Dealers

As of September, the following Dealers have registered to have tables at ConFusion in 2004:

  • Space Shuttlecrafts
  • Honeck Sculpture
  • Earth Wisdom Music
  • Larry Smith Bookseller
  • Costumes by Loren
  • Ursula's Alcove
  • The Light Trading Company
  • The Secret Empire a.k.a. Dodeka Records
  • Rampant Mouse
  • Castle Creatures
  • Avalon Books
  • Fantasy Fashions

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