Some of the features of this con are...

Looking for game masters and folks interested in running games in one of the largest game room in the local SCI-FI cons in the SE Michigan.

Please contact Bill Korsak, Game Chair

Live Open Demos Every Day

Friday6pm - 10pm
Saturday10am - 10pm
Sunday10am - 2pm

Every day you can try on the games from Atlas Games, Mayfair Games, Playroom Entertainment, Steve Jackson Games & Twilight Creations.

Origins Awards Games Room

U-Con, GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association) and The Academy of Adventure Gaming, Arts, and Design have joined forces to present the Origins Awards Game Room! Come and join us as we present the very best games of 2007: those submitted to the annual Origins Awards. There will be folks on hand to teach and demonstrate these hot, new board games. Some of these will end up being the same games that you will have an opportunity to vote for at the Origins 2008 Game Expo! Come and play some of the best new games of the year!

Game Room Rules

  1. All players will be able to read and understand the rules.
  2. All players will be respectful of other players.
  3. All players will clean up after themselves.
  4. All players will try to keep noise levels low.
  5. If any player violates these rules, his or her badge will be taken from them without refund; he or she will lose access to the whole convention, not just the game room.

Schedule of Events

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