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Masquerade de Nocturne - Creatures who Walk by the Light of the Moon

Dance with our Devil in the Pale Moonlight

This year, our devilishly dapper Davroz will be Master of Ceremonies for MASQUERADE de NOCTURNE...!

What better way to strut your stuff than to vie for a prize at ConFusionís fifth annual Masquerade Costume Contest on January 20th! Competition is open to both Original and Fan-Recreation entries, and judges will score your entry on Originality/Accuracy, Technical Accomplishment, Theme and Presentation. All of the details about classes, categories and divisions for this yearís competition are in the rules, which can be found here.

All Costumers are welcome to ConFusionís Costumer Muster and Masquerade! Even if you are interested in presenting your costume to the Convention without competing, enroll as a Non-Competitive Stream entry and you will join other exhibition-only costumers at the event.

Costumer Info Packets

Masquerade Costumer Enrollment ends at 3:00 pm on Saturday January 20, 2007. See Convention Operations for your Masquerade Costumerís Packet,


When you preregister for ConFusion via this website or by mail, be sure to check the MASQUERADE box on the form. A Masquerade Costumer Packet will be mailed to you (through Dec 20) or it will be waiting for you at the PreRegistration table. Complete the ENROLLMENT FORM you receive and turn it in at Convention Operations by January 20th 2007, at 3pm.

As always, PreRegistration for ConFusion is strongly encouraged - help us to be prepared!

Hall Costume Awards

ConFusion always treats the Casual Costumer to Special Recognition, with awards for Hall Costumers. Accolades are given by hand-picked judges who will be watching for you all over the convention space on Saturday night. You may already be a winner - just show up and see.

Junk Pile Wars

ConFusionís signature Do-it-Yourself Costume Workshop returns for 2007 - details and rules for competing may be found here.

See You Under the Lights

ConFusion welcomes your ability as a costumer and encourages you to join our Masquerade. However, because rehearsal time for staging individual presentations is not available, the ConFusion Masquerade does not facilitate presentations longer than 60 seconds.

Please join us as either a competitor or an exhibitional entry for the ConFusion Masquerade!

Contact Us!

Write to confusion-masquerade at stilyagi dot org or the ConFusion PO box with any questions or ideas.



All policies of the ConFusion Masquerade are subject to the policies of the Hotel and Convention. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns especially if this will be your first ConFusion experience.

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