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Detroit-Troy Marriott
January 19 - 21, 2007
Troy Michigan
Important Announcment for Smokers - Updated January 15, 2007!

Brought to
you by the
Stilyagi Air Corps

Elizabeth Moon - Pro/Author GoH
Howard Waldrop - Toastmaster
Bill Higgins - Fan GoH
Paul "PZ" Myers - Science GoH
Steve Macdonald - Music GoH
Mike Glicksohn - Special Award for Perfect Attendance

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ConFusion goes to the Moon

Or a moon. Or many moons. :)

The only limitation on our theme is your imagination.


ConFusion is returning once again to the beautiful Troy Marriott.

    Detroit-Troy Marriott
    200 W. Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI
Standard Hotel Rooms are $86/night for the ConFusion group rate (do ask for it!). If you have particular preferences regarding being on a quiet or party floor, please indicate that when making your reservation.


Parties are an integral part of ConFusion, which is part of why we hold a Room Party Contest each year. If you would like to host a party, we think that's great! -- please contact us at confusion-roomparty (at) There are a limited number of suites but there are also connected rooms on the party floors that we assign on a first-come, first-served, as-appropriate-to-the-party basis.

Click here for an important announcement reguarding Marriott's new smoking policy.

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The MoonBase ConFusion program will include panels and discussions on many topics reflecting the interests of our Guests of Honor and other program participants. Topics may include science fiction and fantasy reading, writing, media, gaming, costuming, art, music, society, science, and, of course, Moons and Moonbases (this year's theme). We will also have a number of special events, including a fancy reception, a couple dances, a concert by Steve Macdonald, and a Masquerade.

If you have suggestions for programming for MoonBase ConFusion, please contact us at confusion-program (at)

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ConFusion continues its tradition of wonderful programming for Kids ages 12 and under. Please register any kids who will be attending events without their parents at the kidfusion

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Adult memberships cost $30 now and $45 At-The-Door. KidFusion Registration is $20 pre-reg, $25 At-the-Door. There are two options for how to pre-register:

Or, find us at one of our Parties!

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Dealer's Room

ConFusion welcomes a wide variety of dealers in science-fiction- or fantasy-oriented merchandise.

Dealer's tables are 6' long. There is a $70 fee for the first table that includes registration for one member to be at the table. Further memberships cost the current membership rate. Further tables are $40 each.

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Print Shop for Artwork

We believe art is an important component of SF appreciation and fandom. This year we will be providing a print shop where artists can display and sell their work. We will also be organizing workshops and panel discussions on various media and styles of art.

If you would like to be involved in planning art at ConFusion, please contact us at confusion (at)

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Volunteers make or break a convention and ConFusion greatly appreciates everyone who helps make our all-volunteer event take place. Write to us at confusion-volunteers (at) to volunteer to be a gopher, staff member, or (watch out!) concom member.

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You can contact us about anything not answered here by sending email to confusion (at) or by snail mail to:

    MooonBase ConFusion
    P.O. Box 8284
    Ann Arbor, MI 48107

ConFusion is brought to you by the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association, Inc., and the members of its associated science fiction fan club, the Stilyagi Air Corps. We also hold events throughout the year and we invite you to check them out.

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