ConFusion Room Party FAQ

What would be the best location for a party?

We are encouraging parties to locate in suites on the second floor near the nonsmoking ConSuite, the third floor smoking ConSuite, or in first-floor poolside rooms. We are discouraging parties from locating in the $67 basic rooms. See the Hotel Page for room types and pricing.

Will the hotel try to impose any corkage fees?

In our contract, the hotel agreed that ConFusion members may host "personal hospitality gatherings" in their rooms, and they will not be charged any corkage fees. However, ConFusion agreed that none of its members will sell any food or drink items from their rooms, (not that this has ever been a problem) so please don't do that!

What are the alcohol policies?

The drinking age in Michigan is 21. Don't serve minors, or let them serve themselves. Any parties that allow minors access to alcohol, will be shut down. There are legal repercussions as well, so please exercise due care when deciding who you will serve.

What is the hotel's signage policy?

Where can the signs be posted? What kind of tape should be used?

We've discussed this with the hotel. Signs can be posted, but please take care to post your signs in such a way that you don't damage any wall surfaces. The hotel's biggest fear is damage. Leave your duct tape at home. :-)

What is the hotel's pet policy?

The hotel does not allow pets; please leave your familiars at home.

Who can answer additional questions?

Email questions to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. This page will be updated with additional questions and answers as we get closer to the con.
Last updated October 02, 1999.
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