Cryptic ConFusion will showcase our usual wide array of panel discussions, performances, workshops, and events related to science fiction and fantasy. Gaming will be hosted 24 hours a day, with scheduled events listed in the program. Filk musicians are encouraged to contact us about participating in the program, and there will be open music circles for anyone who prefers their music to be spontaneous. We will continue our B-Movies and Anime programs upstairs, and have Dances Friday and Saturday nights with a Masquerade on Saturday before the Dance.

KidFusion is programming for kids ages 5-12. (Younger kids are welcome, but they must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible person.) Volunteers are enthusiastically welcomed to help wrangle the kids and keep KidFusion running smoothly.

We welcome suggestions and offers to get involved in both planning and being in the ConFusion program. Contact us for more information.



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