Melody Asplund-Faith

ConFusion's Fan GoH this year has something for everyone! Deviants, mundanes... well, maybe not mundanes. Melody is otherwise known as Dulcinea, one of the SCA's pre-eminent experts on medieval costuming. She is also a talented belly-dancer, a true patron of the arts, an artist in her own right, a rare rat collector, and a mean hand with a sword, or a fish! Just be forewarned, if you see her in an incredibly sexy costume, the following exchange was overheard at a party:
"Her husband's really cute, but I'm afraid she'd KILL me!"
"Well, yeah, she's gorgeous too, but either one of them could kill me...."
Her house has white boulders in front... are they evidence of strange preternatural powers? Stay tuned for the answer next time when the control voice takes you to... deviant ConFusion!

Last update October 30, 1995
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