Science Fiction Book Discussion

3:00 pm, third Sunday of each month, Nicola's Books

July 18, 2004: Hominids by Robert Sawyer

August 15, 2004: Singularity Sky by Charles Stross

September 19, 2004: Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon

Westgate Shopping Center, 2513 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan (directions)

Did you know that our first book discussion was in 1973? Nicola's Books (formerly named the Little Professor) was kind enough to allow us to use their reading area, complete with fireplace, to kick off the rebirth of Stilyagi as a literary science fiction group in June '95. Thank you to all of you for contributing to our wonderful discussions, especially Jean Barnard, our most dedicated member since the very beginning!

Please try to read or re-read the book before each meeting, but feel free to come anyway, if you haven't.

Previous book descriptions...

Nicola's Books has been wonderful, listed our discussion in the Ann Arbor papers, and in their publications, including their new web page, which gained us a couple of new people.

Past discussions:

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