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Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association


Amateur Press Association, a sort of limited fanzine designed to work on writing style, including contribs from each person on the mailing list, where each person has to send off a contribution every time, or at least meet minac.
A fanzine produced by a science fiction club.
Contribution to a fanzine or APA.
The editor (and publisher, and copy boy...) of a fanzine.
This does not refer to all fiction written by fans, because a lot of fans write original stuff. This means stories about characters in popular shows, books, plays, etc. A remake of Sweeney Todd using the charcacters from Cats, or a story where Captain Kirk fights Darth Vader would be fanfic. See slash.
An amateur SF publication (often shortened to zine) sometimes including stories, con reports, book reviews, articles of fannish interest, and almost always LoCs.
Someone whose main contrib is writing LoCs.
Letter of Comment, a response to the material in a zine, meant to give the authors and editor feedback.
The minimum activity necessary to maintain your membership in an APA. A totally strict APA might require a contrib of thirty pages every ish, whereas a really lenient one might allow you to go on with only four or five pages a year.
A zine where the editor writes everything, and doesn't ask for contribs.
Type of fanfic where Kirk and Spock, or any other characters, have a gay love affair.
There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch was the motto of Free Luna in Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Also the Stilyagi Air Corps clubzine.
See fanzine.

For information about, or submit to TANSTAAFL, please paste "tanstaafl2005" (without the quotes) into your email program, followed by eathlink dot net.

The Stilyagi Air Corp clubzine editor will recieve your LoC or other submission promptly.

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