ConFusion Programming 1998

NB: This is a preliminary program for planning purposes only. Last minute changes will NOT be reflected here. Please confirm any panels you urgently want to attend at the con, that is what the pocket program is for!
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Griffith Park Belle Isle West Belle Isle North Theatre Atrium Halls Burnham Pk Fairmont Pk
19:30 Neo Panel Dance Setup Scavenger hunt starts
20:30 Opening Ceremonies Active Games
21:00 MEW Interview Chaos Theory - Willis, Minsky Active Games Settlers of Catan
22:00 Oldtimers filk Dance YAAARC B5 Wars
23:00 Open Filking
11:00 Neo Panel Regency Dance Willis Interview Urban Tepestry Baloons Massage
noon Fan GoH Minsky Interview Dorsal Bivouac Warhammer 4K Swimming Pool Games Art Show GWYW Twister Tournament
13:00 filkettiquette Plotting Stories - Willis Cryptography After the Aliens Land - Schneier Fan GOH Kidfilk Minsky science program
14:00 Storytelling What Makes a Writer Hal 9000, where are you now?  Minsky BDSM Panel Makoto Life Drawing Safety Girl
15:00 Bar Jam Bab5 Quiz Show Robotics: Fiction vs Reality - Minsky Concert Setup Magic Sealed Deck Autographs Origami
16:00 SFOHA Fandom doctoral dissertation Good Books - Willis MEW Concert Autographs Braiding Dragon Storm
17:00 SF Mystery State of Fandom Banquet Setup Tom & Pete Show
19:00 Freon's Game Show Dance Setup Banquet Necromunda
20:00 Dance Setup Trash Video YAAARC Call of Cthulu
21:00 Safety Girl Bureau 13
22:00 humorjam Dance Vampire LARP Teen Dance
23:00 Open Filk Kids
midnight B5 / StarDrek
11:00 Belly Dance Older Thyme Religion
12:30 Babylon 5 Panel
13:30 Irwin Interview Willis Reading ConFusion 1999 Space Hulk
14:30 Gaylaxian Book Discussion Harrison Ford
15:00 Bitch Panel