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ConFusion Programming

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FRIDAY, January 24, 1997

7:00 Atrium Confusion Orientation with Alan Salmi, Ron Sarti , Lan Laskowski, Ro Nagey and Cecil Young. YAARC Robot Contest contestants also meet here to pick up kits and sign up for the contest. 8:30 to 9:30 Theatre Opening Ceremonies Toastmaster Kathe Koja will tell us who's who and what's what Confusion 17. 9:30 to ? Theatre Movies begin (movies to be listed, list not yet inserted) Belle Isle Ballroom The Prom you never had. Musical alternative to Alternative dance on Sat. Atrium Book discussion of Barbara Hambly's "Bride of the Rat God," brought to you by the Stilyagi Book Discussion Group.

SATURDAY, January 25, 1997

10:00 Belle Isle West Belly Dancing Workshop with Lisa Leutheuser and Sara Zettel 11:00 Belle Isle East Neo Panel with Alan Salmi, Dave Stein, Lan Laskowski, Ro Nagey and Cecil Young Belle Isle West SFOHA Meeting Belle Isle North Writer's Workshop Part I with Jessica Frasca and Michael Frasca. An opportunity for writers to hone their craft with others in the field. Second part at 5:00 in the Griffith Park Room. Theatre Interview with Joey Shoji by Margaret Bumby and Cecil Young. Find out what makes Joey tick. Did you know he is a closet Trekker? 12:00 Belle Isle East Babylon 5 vs the Star Trek franchises. Who's winning? Is anyone winning? Is it really a contest? What alternatives are there? Joey Shoji, Jennie Dailey O'Cain, Anne Schneider, Dave Stein. Belle Isle West What are the classics of SF? What should everyone have read to be considered literate in the field? What are the new ones? Steve Hudson, Rick Lieder, Barry Gehm, Lan Laskowski, Joel Zakem, Ro Nagey, Carroll Brown. Belle Isle North Crossing the stream. A discussion by writers who have at various times left the golden ghetto to write non SF. WHY? and what has been their experience. Find out what you are missing! Chip Delany, Kathe Koja, Lloyd Biggle, Carroll Brown Theatre Electronic Commerce panel. What can you buy on the net and how? Bruce Scheiner, Clif Flynt, Steve Mac Donald and Daniel Glasser 1:00 Belle Isle East The art of faanish relationships. How to start one, how to keep it going. Guy Allen, Becca Levin, Ro Nagey, Alan Salmi, Jennie Dailey O'Cain Belle Isle West Electronic Commerce and Encryption with Bruce Scheiner. One of the leading experts in the field tells how to send your VISA number over the Internet. Samuel R. Delany book discussion. Come and discuss Chip's body of work with your moderator Nisi Shawl and Chip himself. Belle Isle North Sexuality and SF. From The Lovers through Spartan/Virgin Planet to Alien Sex SF has tried to deal with sexuality, has this been done successfully? Are there new areas to be explored? Has non-traditional sex been served well? Chip Delany, Joey Shoji, L. Warren Douglas, Anne Harris, Sarah Zettel, Leo Frankowski. Theatre Almost live from Jupiter it's Galileo's vacation slides via Bill Higgins. Bill presents the latest photos from the Galileo mission to Jupiter. 2:00 Belle Isle East Bheer Panel, come out for a frank and informative discussion of Fandoms favourite alcoholic beverage. We will cover the different kinds of beer and ale and talk about favourite micro-breweries and the rise of craft brewing. We would discuss Fandom's favourite beverage but is that Pepsi or Coke? Belle Isle West Science Fiction in Women. This was women in SF but which is the minority really? Sarah Zettel, Anne Harris, Nisi Shawl, Jessica Frasca, Anne Schneider, and Ted Reynolds. Belle Isle North Murdering Emperor Norton I of California. The art of writing alternate history. Leo Frankowski, Mark Shappirio, L. Warren Douglas, Ron Sarti Theatre Gaia and her cousins; life on Mars and beyond what are the possibilities and ramifications. Bill Higgins, Barry Gehm, Josh Peterson and Mark Shappirio 3:00 Belle Isle East Art demonstration by Susan Van Camp Belle Isle West Bob Shaw memorial book discussion. Come hear more about the life of the one of the more interesting figures of the field and fandom. Whisky optional. Belle Isle North Samuel R. Delany book discussion. Come and discuss Chip's body of work with your moderator Nisi Shawl and Chip himself. Theatre Men having babies. A frank discussion about the effects of technology on medical ethics. Doctor's Frasca, Levin, Harding, Schneider and hospice worker Alan Salmi. 4:00 Belle Isle East Artist GOH demo continued. Belle Isle West Science Fiction Murder Mystery. Something's not kosher or who did it this time! Becca Levin, Halina Harding, Guy Allen, Jim Kobriuetz Belle Isle North The use of language in SF. From 1984 to Babel 17 to Neuromancer the creation of new words and the creative use of old ones has been a big part of the field our panellists discuss creating an effective and unique voice. Delany, Reynolds, Harris, Shawl, Zettel Theatre Deviant Dating Game Time to practise what you learned in "The art of Faanish relationships". Your Host Melody Asplund Faith. 5:00 Belle Isle East Fan Guest of Honour speeches. All Fan GOH's present make a short speech welcoming Joey Shoji into this exclusive group. Past GOH's include Ted Reynolds, Ro Nagey, Melody Aplund Faith, Bill Roper among others. Belle Isle West Science Fiction Murder Mystery continued. Belle Isle North Mass autograph session including all authors present. Delany, Koja, Douglas, Frankowski, Sarti, Harris, Zettel, Reynolds, Biggle, Brown, Shawl Theatre The Tom and Pete Show. 9:00 Belle Isle Ballroom Confusion's traditional Alter Dance

SUNDAY, January 26, 1997

10:00 Belle Isle North Give me that older time religion. Worship space provided by us, you provide the ceremony. 1:00 Belle Isle East What's new and fun to read. A discussion of current popular SF. Hudson, Laskowski, Stein, Zakem, Gehm and You! Belle Isle West Conventions for fun and profit. A seminar for those budding artists and writers on how to use conventions to further your career. Rick Lieder, Carroll Brown, Josh Peterson Belle Isle North What's happening in physics these days? An interview with Science Guest of Honour Mark Shappirio. Atrium YAAARC Robot Contest finals 2:00 Belle Isle East The History of Detroit Science Fiction Part Two: The Stilyagi Years Belle Isle West Book Discussion of Urban Horror featuring the work of Tanya Huff, sponsored by the Galaxians. Belle Isle North Kathe Koja Power Hour. Kathe does a reading and time permitting answers questions from the audience. 3:00 Belle Isle North What Did We Do Right? Traditional post mortem discussion, with a discussion of next years Confusion featuring Connie Willis, and also a good time to volunteer for next years convention committee a cast of many including you! 4:00 Confusion Programming ends, EVERYBODY DEAD DOG! 3:31 Dead Dog Party begins in Con Suite.
This is the "final" filk schedule for ConFusion. There may be a couple of last minute changes to this- watch Ops and the Filk Lounge for them!

FRIDAY, January 24, 1997

17:00 Filk Room: set-up Filk Lounge: it's a set-up! (starring Confusion's very own Lounge Lizards!) (Instaband signup) (Story-telling signup) 18:00 Filk Room: sit-up Filk Lounge: instrument warm-up (allow the instruments to warm up before playing it -- cold strings turn sour) (Instaband signup) (Story-telling signup) 19:00 Filk Room: Open (free-fall filking) Filk Lounge: Open (guerrilla filking) (Instaband signup) (Story-telling signup) 20:00 Filk Room: Open (free-range filking) Filk Lounge: Open (road kill mixer, blended or stir-fried) (Instaband signup) (Story-telling signup) 21:45(ish) Filk Room: Joey Shoji solo concert (starts when he gets there) Joey Shoji Come hear our very own fan GOH starring in Confusion's first SOLO concert in GHU knows how long... (Maybe you should ask Ro) Filk Lounge: Open (dead puppies) (Instaband signup) (Story-telling signup) 22:45(ish) Filk Room: Open season Filk Lounge: Open (snakes, turtles, and other slow moving reptiles) (Instaband signup) (Story-telling signup) 25:00(ish) Filk Room: Were're just getting started! Filk Lounge: Crazed Caffiene Cravings (Instaband signup ends) (Story-telling signup ends too) 27:00(ish) Filk Room: Open Filk Lounge: Closed until the painful orange thing is well above the horizon (Instaband signup ended two hours ago, where were you?)

Saturday, January 25

08:00 Filk Room: Open Filk Lounge: Closed??? 09:00 Filk Room: Open Filk Lounge: Open to for retrieval of stashed weapons 10:00 Filk Room: Open Filk Lounge: Hiya... ??? Kid Filk 1 Tom Smith, Pete Grubbs, Scott Snyder, Steve Macdonald Want to move it to 1:00 if possible for the sake of the filkers! 11:00 Filk Room: Clif+Carol (Music Theory and Harmony Workshop) if sufficient interest, a second session will be scheduled. Clff and Carol Flynt E-mail Clif for capsule description Filk Lounge: Carcasses everywhere 12:00 Filk Room: Care and feeding of your wooden lifeform Clif and Carol Flynt Andrea Dale Pete Grubbs (Graham Leathers) Why does a Stradivarious Strad? Why is a Gibson so Good? Are Martins Marvelous? How do we keep them that way? Filk Lounge: Huh? Food? What's that? (burp) 13:00 Filk Room: Story Telling/Poetry Open Microphone 'Nuff said, and you'll have 3 minutes to do it! if sufficient interest, a second session will be scheduled. Moderated by Mark Bernstein Filk Lounge: Breakfast 14:00 Filk Room: Wooden Jam Pete Grubbs Steve Macdonald Tom Billings Scott Snyder Andrea Dale Accoustic filk of all kinds Filk Lounge: Crumbs everywhere 15:00 Filk Room: Neo-filk panel Bill Roper (Gretchen Roper) David and Judith Hayman Diana Huey John Hall Who are you? How did you get started? What is "filk"? What's a dandelion conspiracy? Where do I find the good stuff? Where do I find others of my (f)ilk? Filk Lounge: Riffuge 16:00 Filk Room: Dorsai Bivouac Tully is optional (but extremely welcome) John Hall Steve Simmons Bill Roper ... and Tom Smith ... Filk Lounge: Shell shocked 17:00 Filk Room: Closed, you should be in the theatre Filk Lounge: Closed, you can't hide here, go see Tom and Pete Theatre: Tom+Pete A Confusion Tradition 18:00 Filk Room: Still closed, food is good Filk Lounge: ZZZZZzzzzzzz..... 19:00 Filk Room: Bar Jam Pete Grubbs Scott Snyder Steve Macdonald Tom Billings What pro and semi-pro filkers play in public (houses) Filk Lounge: Peanut Butter 20:00 Filk Room: Established Filker's free-for-all (no edged weapons except axes) Clif and Carol Flynt Bill Roper Tom Smith Pete Grubbs Joey Shoji Tom and Pete part deux, with spice (or is that spies) Filk Lounge: 12 string recovery program 21:00 Filk Room: Open filking Filk Lounge: Tune In, Tune Up, and Tune Out 22:00 Filk Room: Open filking Filk Lounge: Lurkers 23:00 Filk Room: Open filking Filk Lounge: Loomers 24:00 Filk Room: Open Filking Filk Lounge: Loonies 25:00 Filk Room: Filk and that Paramount thing Daniel Glasser Steve Macdonald Debbie Redpath Ohi (Graham Leathers) Andrea Dale David and Judith Hayman John Hall Tom Billings Not that we need an excuse to do Star Trek filking... (B5 also spoken here.) Filk Lounge: MEDIC!

Sunday (Still Saturday for those of us who don't sleep)

32:00 (8:00) Filk Room: Is there anybody out there? Filk Lounge: ditto... 33:00 Filk Room: I said- is there anybody out there?!? Filk Lounge: ditto again! 34:00 Filk Room: Maybe there's somebody out there.... Filk Lounge: 35:00 ??? Kidfilk II Andrea Dale Daniel Glasser Diana Huey Judith Hayman Filk Room: Filk and the written word Moderated by Joey Shoji (ask Joey Shoji) Filk Lounge: 36:00 Filk Room: Filk Lounge: 37:00 Filk Room: Instaband Performances Cast of thousands There may be a reason these people live in different parts of the world... Filk Lounge: Closed for the season 38:00 Filk Room: Open Jam Filk Lounge: Closed, time to drag the bodies out 39:00 Filk Room: Dying dog filk Filk Lounge: Dead puppies aren't much fun. 39:30 Filk Room: Clean up Filk Lounge: I said, Clean up! 852:00 Gehenna: Argo Filk Sing: All Argo, All the time! (For those of you who are time challenged, that's 12:00 on Saturday, February 29, 1997)
As I promised, here is the gaming programming for ConFusion-17. One note, there is really only one Fairmont Park room but it can be divided in half, hence the North and South designations. GURPS Cyberpunk Fairmont Park, N Eric McGlohon Fri, 9pm - 2am "Big Trouble in Little Chiba" Amber Fairmont Park, S John Schippers Fri, 9pm - 2am Paranoia Atrium Jennifer Mroz Fri, 9pm - 2am DragonStorm Demo Fairmont Park Bernard Bresnahan Sat, 11am - 2pm Amber Free Form Fairmont Park Joe Saul & Paul Vlamis Sat, 12pm - 6pm Magic Booster Atrium Draft Tournament Sat, 12pm - 6pm Wizard Tournament Fairmont Park, N Jason Hyland Sat, 3pm - 7pm RISK Tournament Fairmont Park, S Sat, 7pm - 11pm Space Hulk Fairmont Park, N Paul Vlamis Sat, 7pm - 10pm White Wolf Fairmont Park, N Michael Terry Sat, 10pm - 2am The Great Damulti Tournament Atrium Sean Asher Sat, 11pm - 2am Space Hulk Atrium Paul Vlamis Sun, 12pm - 3pm

Last update 17 Jan 1997
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