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ConFusion Programming

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FRIDAY, January 12, 1996

6:30 pm
Interview with Melody Asplund-Faith by Howard DeVore Isle Royale
7:00 pm
Interview with Tim Powers by Ted Reynolds Isle Royale
7:30 pm
Interview with Bob Eggleton by Randy Asplund-Faith Isle Royale
Media Rumours Panel Ampitheater
Got a rumour about your favorite show or movie? Come to the panel! Your host: Dave Stein
Is this your first Convention? Leelanaw
Fan guest Melody Asplund-Faith leads a discussion on how to enjoy a Science Fiction Convention, with Jim Overmyer and Ron Sardi.
8:00 pm
Interview with Geoffrey A. Landis, Ph.D. by Rob Butler Isle Royale
8:30 pm
Opening Ceremonies Ballroom A
Follow the auspicious Chinese Lion to the Opening Ceremonies as it wards off evil and unwanted deviance [does that mean it will let in good deviance, the kind we want?]. Following a traditional Lion Dance Ceremony, toastmaster Michael P. Kube-McDowell will tell us who's who and what's what at Deviant ConFusion.
Open Filk Interlochen
All welcome! Come make music with us as we sing 'til dawn!
10:00 pm
Meet the Guests of Honor and other Pros Ballroom A
All are encouraged to mingle at a wine and cheese reception.
Pete & Tom Roast-O-Rama & Songfest Ampitheater
Pete Grubbs and Tom Smith sing songs, pun, smirk, and poke good natured fun at each other for an hour which will degenerate into a full out rowdy filk.
Stilyagi Book Discussion of Stranger in a Strange Land Leelanaw
Join us for a frank discussion of Heinlein's most popular book (just ask Charlie Manson). Knowing Stilyagi, it will probably degenerate into a discussion of RAH's sexual politics, but that's okay, too.

SATURDAY, January 13, 1996

10:00 am
Science Fiction Oral History Association Ballroom A
Open meeting of the Science Fiction Oral History Association. All are welcome. Founded at ConFusion in 1977, SFOHA is a nonprofit organization established for the purpose of preserving science fiction's heritage.
NASA Today Ampitheater
Find out about what's hot with NASA with Science Guest of Honor Geoffrey Landis and Bill Higgins.
How to Enjoy Your 22nd ConFusion Leelanaw
...or your first, or any number in between. With ConFusion's welcoming hostess with the mostess Melody Asplund-Faith, assisted this year by Jim Overmyer and George "Lan" Laskowski.
11:00 am
Science Fiction in Detroit Ballroom A
Join Howard DeVore, George Young, Larry Tucker, Dave Lillard and Dave Stein in a discussion of Detroit's WorldCon, DETENTION, authors, such as T.L. Sherred, and the origins of the Wayne Third Foundation, ConTraption, and traditions such as the Cuddle Squad and the Misfits.
Starting your own Zine Leelanaw
Discuss how to put your ideas into words and PUBLISH them with George "Lan" Laskowski, Mike Glickson, and Tom Sadler.
Deviant Families in SF Isle Royale
Jennie Dailey-O'Cain, Holly Wilper, Star Straf, and Ted Reynolds.
What's New Ampitheater
Meet some of Science Fiction's newest authors Sarah Zettel, Ron Sardi, David Woomer, Jessica J. Frasca, and our Clarion Scholarship winner Michael Lucas, Jr.
12:00 pm
Sex Tips for Boys Ballroom A
Fan Guest of Honor Melody Asplund-Faith, aided and abetted by Sharon Myers and Holly Wilper, will educate male fans on the ins and outs of convention behaviour and relationships.
Kiddie Filk Concert Ampitheater
with Mew, Urban Tapestry, Tom Smith, the famous slugpuppets etc... 1 hour. We encourage adults and kids both to come, they are usually a LOT of fun!
Murdering your Grandfather Leelanaw
Michael Kube-McDowell, Science Guest of Honor Geoffrey Landis, L. Warren Douglas, and Leo Frankowski examine the trials, paradoxes and possibilities of time travel stories.
Stilyagi Book Discussion of Dinner at Deviant's Palace Isle Royale
Join us for a discussion of a deep and disturbing book by our Guest of Honor, Tim Powers.
YAAARC Talent Contest Interlochen
The Ypsilanti Ann Arbor Area Robotics Club sponsors an open competition of robtic skill and absurdity.
1:00 pm
These are the good old days Ballroom A
Guest of Honor Tim Powers, Ron Sardi, and Ted Reynolds will discuss the creation of new mythologies and the mutation of old mythologies in Science Fiction. (Those of us in the Stilyagi Book Discussion group are hoping they will tell us ALL about the Fisher King and Tarot cards.)
Instrumentalist's jam Ampitheater
For those of us that like filk without the words.
Electronic Privacy Leelanaw
New technologies like digital telephony and strong encryption are fighting it out against governments who want to make tapping easy; smart cards with your ID and medical records may soon be introduced that can be interrogated from a distance without their owner knowing. Will the future have closed doors or open windows? A panel discussion on the technological future of privacy and an introduction to the debate. Chad Childers moderates L. Warren Douglas, Iain O'Cain, Helena Harding, and Bruce Schneier (author of Applied Cryptography).
Magic the Art Collector Isle Royale
Artist Guest of Honor Bob Eggleton, Randy Asplund-Faith and Edwin Reck discuss the impact of collectible cards on Science Fiction Art.
2:00 pm
Surfing the Net Ballroom A
Is it Surfing the Net, or caught in the CobWebs?,,,, and
Song Swap Ampitheater
Come and swap new and old favorite songs.
Vomit Comet/Life in Space Leelanaw
Our Science Guest, Bill Higgins and others discuss issues of interest.
Stilyagi Book Discussion of Earth Isle Royale
Join us for a discussion of David Brin's Hugo-nominated saga of life in the near future.
3:00 pm
Deviant Dating Game Ballroom A
We're not sure what this is, but Melody wanted to do it, and you don't argue with her, Bucko!
Found Filk and Rock Jam Ampitheater
Get down, get funky!
It's 3:00 on Sunday, what do I do now? Leelanaw
Elessar Tetramariner, George "Lan" Laskowski, Steve Hudson, Dave Stein, and David Gibbs talk about Science Fiction between conventions, and out of town conventions.
Kathe Koja Reading Isle Royale
Journey to the dark side with unhyphenated author Kathe Koja [catch her before she leaves the SF ghetto completely!]
4:00 pm
Funny Stuff and Parodies Ampitheater
Tom Smith and others sing... well.. you know Tom!?! ;-)
Comfort Food for the Mind Leelanaw
Steve Hudson, David Gibbs, and George "Lan" Laskowski discuss books for people looking for a good read.
If the ideas come from Schenectady, where do the characters come from? Isle Royale
Tim Powers, L.Warren Douglas, Leo Frankowski, Ted Reynolds, and Michael Kube-McDowell discuss the origins of characters.
4:30 pm
YAAARC Maze Race Ballroom A
The Ypsilanti Ann Arbor Area Robotics Club presents a test of robotic reasoning power.
5:00 pm
Welcome to my Career Ampitheater
Give a big welcome to Hugo Winning Artist Guest of Honor Bob Eggleton and his art!
Will the Real Fan GoH... Leelanaw
Traditional ConFusion event where all previous Fan Guests of Honor who are in attendance welcome current Fan GoH Melody Asplund-Faith (you know her, you love her) to the club.
So your Mom always wanted you to be a Doctor? Isle Royal Hone your medical detection skills with doctors Helena Harding and Becca Levin aided by master of engineering Guy Allen take you on a Science Fiction Magical Medical Mystery Tour.
6:00 pm
Dinner At Deviant ConFusion St. Clair Room
"...with space city spinners/eat Stilyagi dinners..." Join us for the traditional fannish breaking of bread.
8:00 pm
Art Auction Ampitheater
9:00 pm
Dance at Deviant's Palace Ballroom A
Hosted by your post-industrial maestro Eric McGlohon (this one IS dark).

SUNDAY, January 14, 1996

10:00 am
Sunday Services Ampitheater
However you like to worship Ghod (whoever she is) we've got space for you.
1:00 pm
Insta Bands Concert Ballroom A
Your chance to hear all the Insta Band perform. Check these out! You'll hear some nice surprises and have a lot of fun.
Sign up early Saturday in the Filk Lounge to be in a band. NO experience necessary. Musicians range from total novice to experienced players. You sign up, get put with a band, then rehearse 1-2 songs for a special concert on Sunday. NO CONTEST, JUST FOR FUN!
Conventions for Art, Fun, and Profit Ampitheater
Bob Eggleton, Randy Asplund-Faith, and Ed Reck discuss how conventions can help your career.
Misery Loves Company Leelanaw
Ted Reynolds, Guest of Honor Tim Powers, our Clarion scholarship winner Michael Lucas, Jr., Jessica J. Frasca, and David Woomer discuss how to set up a writer's group.
Stilyagi Book Discussion of Canticle for Liebowitz Isle Royale
Join us in our final book discussion of the convention, Walter Miller, Jr's classic of post apocolyptic Science Fiction (and then keep reading with us every third Sunday at 5:00 at the Little Professor Bookstore, Westgate Shopping Center, 2513 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan).
2:00 pm
What Did We Do Right? Ampitheater
Traditional post-mortem session with Chairs and other ConCom members. Compliments, complaints, discussion of what to do with excess con profits, if any. Locals welcome for being drafted for next year's ConCom!
3:00 pm
Deviant ConFusion ends Everywhere
3:01 pm
Dead Dog Party begins Con Suite
Party on - Stilyagi-style.

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