ConFusion 10101 Programming

FRIDAY, January 27, 1995

4:00 pm
Interview with Pamela Sargent Metro II
4:30 pm
Interview with Bob Tucker Metro II
5:00 pm
Interview with Laura Butler Metro II
Hucksters Room Opens Metro V & VI
5:30 pm
Interview with Kathe Koja Metro II
6:00 pm
Art Show Opens Metro I
8:00 pm
Friday Night Live at ConFusion 10101 Metro II, III & IV
Toastmaster Kathe Koja presides over the traditional opening ceremonies, letting us know who's who and what's what at ConFusion 10101.
Model Building Discovery Room
Bill Wardrop demonstrates how he makes his amazing paper sculptures. This hands-on workshop promises to be interesting and fun.
Hucksters Room Closes Metro V & VI
How Can We Keep From Singing? Apollo Room
Folk music sing along/jam session with Dave Clement, Pat McCarthy, Steve Simmons, Mary Ellen Wessels, and Vikki Appleton.
9:00 pm
Friday Night Livelier Metro II, III& IV
All are encouraged to mingle until midnight at a wine and cheese reception.
Reading Atrium Piano Bar
By ConFusion 10101 Pro GoH Pamela Sargent. Mask Making & Character Engineering Discovery Room
Thea Grimes-Tenney leads a discussion on character generation as background preparation for mask making and costuming.
10:00 pm
Reading Atrium Piano Bar
Pro editor Jim Frenkel reading from a new work by Joan D. Vinge.
Pete & Tom Roast-O-Rama & Songfest Apollo Room
Pete Grubbs and Tom Smith sing songs, pun, smirk, and poke good natured fun at each other for an hour which will degenerate into a full out rowdy filk.
Art Show Closes Metro I
11:00 pm
Open Filking Begins Apollo Room

SATURDAY, January 28, 1995

9:00 am
Grab Bag Costuming Atrium Piano Bar
Youth track programming with Thea Grimes-Tenney.
10:00 am
How to Enjoy Your 21st ConFusion Metro II
...or your first, or any number in between. With ConFusion's traditional welcoming host Rusty Hevelin, assisted this year by Denise Parsley Leigh.
SF Writing Workshop, Part 1 Metro IV
With Ted Reynolds. Part II concludes Sunday at 10:00 am
Shading and Perspective Discovery Room
A workshop conducted by Robin Wood, one of our most esteemed local artists.
Face Painting Atrium Piano Bar
Youth track programming with Anna O'Connell.
Art Show & Hucksters Room Open
11:00 am
SFOHA Presents Metro III
The Science Fiction Oral History Association presents A John W. Campbell , Jr. Remembrance. Taped reminiscences of Campbell by some of the most prominent people in the SF field, with comments by SFOHA president Lloyd Biggle
Open Costuming and Mask Making Discovery Room
For two hours our expert costumers Melody Asplund-Faith, Mike (Freon) Andaluz, and Lynn Jones will be available to assist you in bringing to life your character conceptions. We will have on hand a serger, hot glue gun, fabric, and, of course, duct tape.
Internet Introduction Apollo Room
Joey Oravec, Brian Vandivier, John Wardale, and Mike O'Connor answer the eternal question: is it an information superhighway, or a maze of twisty little passages, all different, inhabited by Mud players?
Baloon Critters Atrium Piano Bar
Youth track programming with Graham Leathers, "The Balloon Guy."
12:00 pm
SF and Social Consciousness Metro II
Science fiction offers an opportunity to "work out on paper" possible solutions to contemporary technological and sociological problems. Pamela Sargent, Frederik Pohl, Phyllis Eisenstein and George Zebrowski discuss such problems and various proposed SF "fixes."
NASA Update Metro III
Slide presentation with Dan Gauthier and ConFusion 10101 Science GoH Geoff Landis.
High Technology in Education Apollo Room
Discussion on the general use of technology in the classroom with specific discussions of the Global Schoolhouse and US Presidential Awardees in Science and Math Internet projects. Laura M. Craighead and Brian M. Vandivier, Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval, MCNC.
When SF Becomes Fantasy Metro IV
Lee Carroll, L. Warren Douglas, Nick Pollatta, Mike Terry.
12:30 pm
Family Story Telling Hour Atrium Piano Bar
Youth track programming with Graham Leathers and Mark Bernstein.
1:00 pm
What Fans Want to Know Metro II
Q&A session with sf pros Pamela Sargent, Stephen Leigh, Ted Reynolds and Leo Frankowski. Everything you always wanted to know about the SF field. Audience participation is mandatory.
Nick Pollotto Live Metro III
Nick Pollotta reads from his latest novel. Storytelling and schtick.
To Net or Not to Net Apollo Room
When a SF writer spends all day on the computer writing email instead of stories, it's hard to pay the electric bill... George Zebrowski, Michael Kube-McDowell, and Chad Childers discuss a particularly poignant way that technology affects people in our genre.
Still Searching for Wonder Metro IV
Three decades ago, Damon Knight championed the innovative notion that ordinary critical standards of literature could be meaningfully applied to SF. Some say that such standards are inadequate for criticizing our "literature of ideas." Some, also, yearn for a return to the literary "ghetto" from which we came. Alex Eisenstein, Elizabeth Anne Hull and Jim Frenkel let us know what they think.
Make-up Demonstration Discovery Room
Professional make-up artist Roger White demonstrates some of the magic tricks he uses to create his incredible make-up effects. This 2-hour session will provide a great opportunity for those who want to add that extra spark to costumes created earlier.
2:00 pm
The Clarion Connection Metro II
Clarion veterans Phyllis Eisenstein, Michael Kube-McDowell, and Nate Bucklin join David Woomer, the first recipient of the AASFA/ConFusion Clarion Scholarship, in a discussion about the pre-eminent SF writer's boot camp.
Artist GoH Slideshow Metro III
Laura Butler demonstrates the unique art of pipe cleaner sculpture. Followed at 3 pm by a hands-on workshop.
The Original Fanac Metro IV
Bob Tucker, Frederik Pohl, Howard DeVore and Roger Sims offer an entertaining and informative look at the origins of the fannish subculture.
How I Discovered Science Fiction Atrium Piano Bar
Youth track programming with Allen Bernstein, Tim Short and Tony Short.
Do It Yourself Web Servers Apollo Room
With a modem and a soldering iron, you too can build an Internet site that is really cool and totally useless. Paul Haas will demonstrate the technology behind the Internet Hottub and Refrigerator at Hamjudo.Com. Demonstration will include computers, an oscilloscope, laser and other mad scientist peripheranalia.
3:00 pm
Incident at Kline Station Metro II
A strange disease has struck the population at the well-known supply depot orbiting Titan. You (the audience) have just arrived aboard a rescue vessel that has been dispatched to offer aid. Can you isolate the cause of the crisis and effect a cure before Kline Station becomes an orbiting mausoleum (and, coincidentally, spare the lives of Pamela Sargent, Ted Reynolds, Tom Smith, George Zebrowski and several other of ConFusion's notable guests)?
Artist GoH Workshop Metro III
You've seen how Laura Butler creates her unique pipe cleaner sculpture. Here's your chance to try your hand at it.
Reading the Stuff Metro IV
Chad Childers, Sharon Myers and others introduce a rather innovative concept they've come up with: how to start a science fiction literary discussion group.
CyberSex Apollo Room
They call it TinySex or CompuSex, but what's the attraction? Safety from AIDS, or "taking it offline"? Chip Burkhead, Laura Craighead, and Anne Zanoni discuss a new twist on the human condition.
Origami Discovery Room
Learn how to make tiny paper critters like magic! Steve Arlow teaches us the intricate art of paper folding
Home Science Experiments Atrium Piano Bar
Youth track programming with Cheryl Orosz.
4:00 pm
The Science in Science Fiction Metro III
The importance of "getting it right" : understanding contemporary science before attempting to extrapolate on future developments. With Phyllis Eisenstein, L. Warren Douglas, and Science GoH Geoff Landis.
Building Bridges in Fandom Metro IV
Representatives from traditional fandom (SF literature and its criticism, pro and fan publishing) and fringe fandoms (filking, gaming, costuming, movie and TV Science Fiction) search for common ground. Leah Zeldes Smith, MaryEllen Wessels, George "Lan" Laskowski and others.
Science/Science Fiction Discussion Atrium Piano Bar
Youth track programming with Steve Andre.
Computer Animation Apollo Room
Michael O'Connell and Michael (Freon) Andaluz show how-to tips on creating fractal animations.
5:00 pm
Will the Real Fan GoH... Metro II
Traditional ConFusion event wherein all the previous ConFusion Fan GoHs who are in attendance welcome current Fan GoH Wilson "Bob" Tucker to the club.
Children's Concert Apollo Room
Songs for young and old fen, alike. Rated K.G.- kid guidance: Adults allowed but some songs may be too amusing, frivolous or goofy for parents. Tom Smith, Graham Leathers, Urban Tapestry, and MaryEllen Wessels.
6:00 pm
21st Annual ConFusion Banquet Metro II
"...with space city spinners/eat Stilyagi dinners..." Join us for the traditional fannish breaking of bread, with dinner music provided by guitarist Don Neill and harpist Robert Stocton. Then stick around as Kathe Koja pays for her supper by performing her Toastmaster duties, introducing this year's GoHs. Doors open at approximately 7:00 pm to allow those without banquet tickets to attend the speechifying.
More Balloons . . . Atrium Piano Bar
Art Show Metro I
Written auction ends, voting ends. Art Show closes for one hour.
Hucksters Room Closes Metro V & VI
7:00 pm
Art Show Re-Opens Metro I
Artwork with less than three bids may be paid for and picked up at this time.
8:00 pm
Politically Correct Bedtime Stories Atrium Piano Bar
Youth track programming with Michael RStorytellerS Short.
Tuning Pegs and Embouchure Apollo
Guitarists and other instrumentalists jam. Kylea Fulton - flute and whistles, Robert Stockton - harp, Pete Grubbs - guitar and bass, Don Neill - guitar, Nate Bucklin - guitar and bass, Steve MacDonald - rhythm guitar.
9:00 pm
Art Show Closes Metro I
9:30 pm
Dragons, Rocketships and Pizza Apollo
Some of our best songwriters share songs that will make you laugh, think and maybe even cry. Tom Smith, Mark Bernstein, Urban Tapestry (Jodi, Allison, and Debbie), Graham Leathers, Judith Hayman, Andrea Yeomans, Cliff and Carol Flynt.
10:00 pm
ConFusion Masquerade Ball Metro II, III &IV
Celebrate Confusion's 21st birthday by dancing the night away. Revelers are encouraged to wear something appropriate for dancing and mingling. Prizes will be awarded at midnight for the best costumes.
11:00 pm
Open Filking Begins Apollo Room

SUNDAY, January 29, 1995

10:00 am
Sunday Services Apollo Room
Older time religion. Becky Manger, Patricia Aldergott.
Art & DUFF Auction Metro II
Michael Short, John Hall, & David Stein, auctioneers. Art Show Desk opens for pick-up of purchased art.
SF Writing Workshop, Part II Metro II, III & IV
Ted Reynolds concludes the workshop begun Saturday morning.
11:00 am
Space Memorial Discovery Room
"T minus 10 and counting . . ." per ardua ad astra A brief memorial service for all the astronauts & cosmonauts lost in the exploration of space. Followed by open panel discussion of the future in space. Dan Gauthier, Dennis Tabaczewski.
Hucksters Room Opens Metro V & VI
12:00 pm
SFOHA Meeting Metro III & IV
Open meeting of the Science Fiction Oral History Association. All are welcome.
1:00 pm
Insta Bands Concert Apollo Room
Your chance to hear all the Insta Band perform. Check these out! You'll hear some nice surprises and have a lot of fun.
1:30 pm
Comic Book Workshop Discovery Room
Arvel Jones gives tips and tricks of the trade for artists and writers interested in the comic book business.
2:00 pm
What Did We Do Right? Metro III & IV
Traditional post-mortem session with Chairs and other ConCom members. Compliments, complaints, discussion of what to do with excess con profits, if any. Locals welcome for being drafted for next year's ConCom!
3:00 pm
ConFusion 10101 ends Everywhere
3:01 pm
Dead Dog Party begins Con Suite
Party on - Stilyagi-style.