Guests of Honor

[2008-01-27] The 2008 ConFusion is over. Thanks to everyone who made it a big success, and we hope you all had fun. Join us again next year, Jan 23-25, 2009.

Hey, speaking of fun, it sounds like a couple of our guests of honor had a good time. Check out their blogs:

[2008-01-18] The Pocket Program is now available! Download the PDF, or view it online as a pair of honkin' big image files.

[2008-01-18] The Programming, Movie, Filk, and Gaming are available in Google Calendar. If you use some other calendar program (such as Sunbird or iCal; Outlook users need an add-on to use remote calendars) you can subscribe via the links below. And, as a very special treat for all you Old Sk00l guys out there, the schedules are also available in plain text form!

Google Calendars

Plain Text

[2007-12-10] Hey, it seems that Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, and John Scalzi went off and did a podcast together! Read and listen on John Scalzi's blog.