Denn I/II Denn III Denn IV
Niles Salon F Salon G Salon H Concierge Med Room Gaming ConSuite
10 AM   Sunday Morning Cartoons   Writers' Workshop: Open Workshop   Breakfast with Julie Bell Giant Settlers of Catan  
11 AM The Aliens Have Already Landed   KinderFilk So You Want to Write a Song?     Coffee with Bruce Sterling Strange Synergy (4 players)  
12 PM Steam Punk   Toad Hall Toys   How to Build a Career in Sci-Fi Writing Independent Media Coffee with Ron Westrum Steve Jackson Games Open Demo (16 players)  
1 PM What's Cooking in the Tidal Pools of Fandom?   Oobleck: What is it?? With a Little Help From Our Friends How to Build a Career in Sci-Fi Art 100 Years of Flight Cliché Paragraph Competition     Hal Clement Memoriam
2 PM SETI Slideshow   Gaming for Kids   Stilyiagi Book Discussion  
3 PM ConFusion Feedback Session  
4 PM   Dead Dog Party
5 PM