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Niles Salon F Salon G Salon H Concierge Med Room Gaming Med Room Demos Elsewhere
9 AM   Writer's Workshop: Visual Storytelling  
10 AM The Mars Society Presents...   Saturday Morning Cartoons   Geocaching   Inspiration? Everything! Ninja Burger (6 players) Giant Settlers of Catan (4 players) [ALSO at 2 and 4 PM] Regency Dance  
11 AM Evil but Organized   Design an Alien Musical Quiz Bowl Privatization of Public Spaces Interview: Bruce Sterling 30 Years of Fanzines Diceland (4 players)  
12 PM Bill Higgins's Slide Show What Makes a Good LARP?   Welcome to Your First ConFusion II LotR and Star Wars vs. The Matrix Tech Development: Art, Science, or Crapshoot? Reading: Elizabeth Caldwell   Stained Glass  
1 PM Trans-Humanist SF AASFA Business Meeting   Traditional Folk Songs Social Science and SF Great Books You Should Read Masks: What Do They Mean For a Character? Reading: Tobias Buckell Car Wars vs. Battle Cattle (6 players) Dungeons and Dragons (8 players) KidFusion Pool Time (Pool)
2 PM Technology and the Creative Process   Virtual Filk Realistic Capabilities of Nanotech Tattoo Round Table Storytelling vs. Style in Creating Great Novels Reading: Steven Leigh Illuminated Manuscript
3 PM   To Be a Drum   Hidden Events Media Year in Review Creating and Using Non-Human Characters Reading: Robert J. Sawyer GURPS Space: Beware the Health Police (6 players)   Dealers' Room Tour (Lobby)
4 PM Musical Medley   Art Show Tour Clarion Auction 30 Years of ConFusion Why is Science Fiction a Turn-Off Phrase? What's the Next Geek Topic? Reading: Steve Climer Munchkin Blender (16 players) Belly Dancing Workshop  
5 PM Rock-n-Roll and Rhythm-nBlues Brothers   Iron Artist for Kids UFO Abduction Workshop Fan GoH Induction Party Author Signings Evolution of LARPers   Junk Pile Wars  
6 PM   KidFusion Pizza Party  
7 PM Masquerade Muster   KidFusion Pajama Party  
8 PM   Riverfolk Unfettered Masquerade Lightning Round Open Gaming  
9 PM Art Show   Just Plain Silly Masquerade  
10 PM   More Silly Songs with Barry Queer DJ for the Straight Fan
Dance 'til 3!
Toga Party (ConSuite)
11 PM   Open Filk Flights of Fantasy SMOFfing in the Hot Tub (Pool)
12 AM   Open Filk