Vintage ConFusion Events

Opening Ceremonies
Toastmaster Howard DeVore will introduce all the Guests of Honor, and start the festivities off with a bang. (Actually, he denies that bang!)

Dive-In Movies
Get ready to dive in for a double feature. We’ll be showing vintage monster movies over the swimming pool on Friday night!

Vintage Formal
Some people say that the casual wear of one generation becomes the formal wear of the next generation. Friday night at the Vintage ConFusion formal dance, you can wear vintage, current, or futuristic formal wear, as long as you come prepared to have a good time.

I-Scream Social
Not just ice cream! There’ll be pies, tortes, cheesecakes, chocolate, and more. Come back from dinner on the town, put on your costume, and join us for an elegant array of decadent desserts at the I-Scream Social. Get front row seats for the Guest of Honor Speeches. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased in advance or at registration/ops. Wear your masquerade costume to the I-Scream Social and give us all a chance to see it while the lights are still on!

Guest of Honor Speeches
See our Guests of Honor display hidden talents at the Guest of Honor Speeches.

Masquerade Dance
Witness the metamorphosis... a thrilling segue from speeches to screeches the banquet hall is transformed before your very eyes into our wildest masquerade yet. Our traditional secret judges will be choosing the winning costumes, according to subjective criteria. This year we have some very special prizes to award.

Coffee with the GoHs
ConFusion will be hosting an intimate coffee with each of the GoHs. Space will be limited so sign up early.

Polish your skills! We’ll have workshops for writers and artists. Bring your artwork for special evaluation sessions with the pros. There will also be stage combat (with Ring of Steel), belly dancing, regency dance, and massage. (Since massage workshops have traditionally filled to overflowing, we’re scheduling an extra one early Friday evening, so make plans to arrive early.)

We’ve got plenty of new panels planned, both silly and serious, plus we’re bringing back some old favorites. From Viagra to Mad Libs to chocolate, we have something to intrigue all...

Reading the Stuff
Remember how much you loved Lois McMaster Bujold's Shards of Honor? No? Well, read it! Not sure? Read it again! And then come and tell us what you thought at this special ConFusion meeting of the Stilyagi Book Discussion Group.

Yes, there be FILK here!!! Come and hear Pete Grubbs and Tom Smith battle it out another year in our annual Tom and Pete Show. Once again we’ll have the Filk Lounge, where you can check your instruments during the day while you enjoy the con. Also, the popular Jam sessions will be here again, as well as the return of the Babylon 5 vs. Star Trek Filk panel. So, come rub shoulders and picks with us!

For those who wish to role play, throw dice, or move markers on a board, have we got programming for you! We provide the space and setup for your favorite types of games, and introduce you to others you might not have tried. We’re also planning at least one live action role-playing session, and some pool games. Drop in for a while!

Once again, Vintage ConFusion will feature programming designed by teens, for teens. Many of the most popular activities from last year will return, and new ones are being planned.

Art Show
Both a gallery of originals and a Print Shop will be offered for your enjoyment. The Art Show mailing will be sent out in mid-October. For more information, please write to Brenda Bennett, 6624 Burnley, Garden City MI 48135 or send e-mail to

Dealer's Room
Alas, tables are sold out. To join the waiting list or for more information, write to Tom Barber, 3111 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor MI 48104 or send e-mail to

Have all these great programming items left you tired out? Stop by the ConSuites to relax and catch up with old friends (or meet new ones!). The ConFusion ConSuites will be providing the four fannish food groups (salt, sugar, caffeine, and beer) and will be open around the clock, providing fans with a comfortable social space to relax in.

Very young fans (age 4 to 10) will enjoy KidFusion! Whether they like storytelling, balloon objects, swimming, or playing games with other kids, there will be programming that appeals to them. People who like playing with kids are encouraged to get involved, too. Please remember that KidFusion is not a substitute for babysitting.

Let’s not forget the second annual Pizza Party, followed by our first Kid’s Movie and Pajama Party. Parents can drop their children off at the Pizza Party, or at the Pajama Party while they enjoy the Saturday evening events. KidFusion memberships are not required for the Pizza Party or the Pajama Party, instead these two events carry separate admission charges which will be used to pay child care professionals.

To make it easier for families to attend ConFusion, reduced rate “KidFusion” memberships are available for children fourteen and under. Children fourteen and under who stay with their parents at all times do not need to purchase memberships. KidFusion members of sufficient maturity level may attend convention functions unaccompanied during daytime hours.

Computer Room
Psyche! There will be no computer room this year. Leave your equipment at home and come prepared to discuss the future of ConFusion’s Computer Room.

Volunteer Opportunities
Without the efforts of our volunteers, ConFusion could never happen. Please visit Ops and sign up to help! New this year: Volunteers who work three hours will receive a special t-shirt. Volunteers who work six hours will be eligible for a membership refund. (Work nine hours and receive both!)

Got an Idea?
Let us know if you have a suggestion for a programming item, or if you'd like to participate in programming. Send e-mail to with the details.

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